Monday, 19 August 2013

Street Preaching

Some might find street preaching inappropriate and/or offensive. I personally am glad there are a few that would do it, to be bold by taking the truth about the need for repentance to the lost. Tony Miano has been in Britain and gotten flack for street preaching. Does he do it perfectly with perfect eloquence and tact? No. Is he a bit abrasive and somewhat annoying, perhaps even to the point of badgering? I would say yes to that. But isn't it easier to pick apart why Mr. Miano is wrong (from the ease and comfort from a home computer) than to be out there being uncomfortable. And I also don't like the "Christian rap" at the beginning and end of the video. These however are minor annoyances. John the Baptist would be considered annoying for what he said regarding the need for repentance. He too came right out and named offenses such as what King Herod and his brother's wife were doing, that it was shameful and disgusting and shouldn't be happening. Yes it is terrible to talk about, but it is even worse to be doing these things and then be self-righteous about such sinfulness.

 I personally think that however Jesus and the need for repentance is preached (aside from outright heresy of course, which I did not detect from Tony's message) is needed for people to be pricked. In this clip I believe many are having their consciences pricked, including the officers and the young woman who called the police on him. Perhaps it won't bear fruit immediately, but I do believe the Lord will use this for good.

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