Monday, 29 July 2013

Friday, 26 July 2013

Christ-caused Division

There are so many today that are crying for "unity" and "peace", but Jesus said He did not come to bring peace to the world but a sword. David Dykstra speaks on this topic so eloquently, his words melt my heart as his voice seems to tremble with yearning for people to hear the words of the Lord. And his words clearly bring flesh to the dry bones of those who long to hear those life-giving words of truth which do not compromise with the world and with the flesh.

  Suppose ye that I am come to give peace on earth? I tell you, Nay; but rather division:  For from henceforth there shall be five in one house divided, three against two, and two against three.  The father shall be divided against the son, and the son against the father; the mother against the daughter, and the daughter against the mother; the mother in law against her daughter in law, and the daughter in law against her mother in law. Luke 12: 51-53

Jesus was quoting Micah:

 Woe is me! for I am as when they have gathered the summer fruits, as the grapegleanings of the vintage: there is no cluster to eat: my soul desired the firstripe fruit.   The good man is perished out of the earth: and there is none upright among men: they all lie in wait for blood; they hunt every man his brother with a net.   That they may do evil with both hands earnestly, the prince asketh, and the judge asketh for a reward; and the great man, he uttereth his mischievous desire: so they wrap it up.  The best of them is as a brier: the most upright is sharper than a thorn hedge: the day of thy watchmen and thy visitation cometh; now shall be their perplexity.  Trust ye not in a friend, put ye not confidence in a guide: keep the doors of thy mouth from her that lieth in thy bosom.  For the son dishonoureth the father, the daughter riseth up against her mother, the daughter in law against her mother in law; a man's enemies are the men of his own house.   Therefore I will look unto the LORD; I will wait for the God of my salvation: my God will hear me.  Rejoice not against me, O mine enemy: when I fall, I shall arise; when I sit in darkness, the LORD shall be a light unto me.  I will bear the indignation of the LORD, because I have sinned against him, until he plead my cause, and execute judgment for me: he will bring me forth to the light, and I shall behold his righteousness. Micah 7:1-9

Hear Pastor David Dykstra preach ever so beautifully and heart-wrenchingly:

Saturday, 13 July 2013

The Myth of Merit

The fact that we cannot earn our salvation is admitted by most born again Christians...and yet we often still act as though our works mean something, and that we should get recognition for it or be elevated for superior service. Of course most won't come right out and say so, but will feign "humility" as they receive acknowledgment for their "goodness" etc, and I am no different. My flesh enjoys being stroked as well as any other mortal, and I recognize the evil in my flesh. That is why we are to mortify it:

Rom 8:11  But if the Spirit of him that raised up Jesus from the dead dwell in you, he that raised up Christ from the dead shall also quicken your mortal bodies by his Spirit that dwelleth in you.
Rom 8:12  Therefore, brethren, we are debtors, not to the flesh, to live after the flesh.
Rom 8:13  For if ye live after the flesh, ye shall die: but if ye through the Spirit do mortify the deeds of the body, ye shall live.
Rom 8:14  For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God.

The following link speaks on the topic of "The Myth of Merit" by David Dykstra. He uses as his text:

Luk 17:7  But which of you, having a servant plowing or feeding cattle, will say unto him by and by, when he is come from the field, Go and sit down to meat?
Luk 17:8  And will not rather say unto him, Make ready wherewith I may sup, and gird thyself, and serve me, till I have eaten and drunken; and afterward thou shalt eat and drink?
Luk 17:9  Doth he thank that servant because he did the things that were commanded him? I trow not.
Luk 17:10  So likewise ye, when ye shall have done all those things which are commanded you, say, We are unprofitable servants: we have done that which was our duty to do.

God alone is worthy of praise. If we encourage one another, we do it not by lifting each other's vanity and pride, but however we do it by encouraging each other in God's faithfulness to provide more than all our needs.

Friday, 12 July 2013

True Love

Open rebuke is better than secret love.   
Faithful are the wounds of a friend; but the kisses of an enemy are deceitful. 
 Proverbs 27:5-6

Does anything more need to be said?