Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Seeing Contradictions Where There Are None

Great sermon by R.C. Sproul, in this sermon he asks the question: "Why (in our natural state) do we hate what God says?" Great question, one that he touches on but requires years of personal reflection and study (and to study this honestly one has to submit to the Lord in careful Bible study, daily study) to answer for yourself. In seeing what atheists and "former Christians" amuse themselves with saying, I see right away where and how they misuse what the scriptures say. Why do they do that? Interesting question. Somewhat of a side note on what R.C.Sproul mentions in this sermon is what is told us about Ahab, and I want to zero in particularly what happens to Ahab at the end of his life, and how it meshes with what the true prophets of God had told him would happen about his death. One prophet had mentioned that the dogs would lap up his blood at a pool where he had someone put to death so he could steal his property. Another prophet of God told him he would die in battle. It seems like a contradiction to the untrained eye...but how it plays out in real life solves this in the fact that Ahab does indeed die in battle, his blood pours out all over the chariot he is riding in, so his servants take the chariot and wash out all Ahab's blood at the very pool where he (Ahab) had shed the blood because of greed and covetousness. No Contradictions, both true.

Anyway, I hope you take the time to listen to this amazing sermon: