Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Street Preaching 3: A Personal Testimony

The last couple of posts were concerning street preaching, and a street preacher named Tony Miano. There were some comments made about Mr Miano and about his personal life that made me want to dig a bit further. Today I found where Tony has put his personal testimony of how he came to Christ, and some thoughts about the charismatic movement (where his faith in Jesus had it's beginning). He tells about how it went from casual to crazy, and ends his thoughts about the movement with these words:


The only thing, the only One who can bring spiritual addicts out of bondage is the true Holy Spirit--the Third Person of the Godhead. Only the Holy Spirit can take a heart and mind that craves what is false and change it to love what is true. Only the Holy Spirit can so regenerate the heart of the spiritual addict, enabling them to come to genuine repentance and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. While I don't question the salvation of my Christ-loving, Bible-believing, gospel-sharing, discerning Charismatic friends, I most certainly do question the salvation of spiritual addicts who seek the gift with no concern of who the giver might be. I do question the salvation of those who ignore what the Bible says about discerning every spirit and, instead, simply swallow whatever the latest spiritual snake oil salesman is selling. I do question the salvation of those who blaspheme the Holy Spirit by attributing to the Holy Spirit that which should rightly be attributed to Satan (i.e. the magical appearance of gold dust and gold teeth, fire tunnels, healing evangelism, treasure hunting, trips to heaven, swine anointing (I can't make this stuff up), toking the Holy Ghost, and other outrageous, man-centered, Holy-Spirit degrading, demonic, blasphemous activities).
My hope for those addicted to false spiritual movements is not their eternal demise. On the contrary: my hope and prayer is that the Holy Spirit will bring them to their senses and extend to them the most precious gifts--repentance and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. And may the Lord bless His Church and the world with yet another Great Awakening, true revival that brings true glory to the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. 

Read the rest of this testimony here

I still have more digging to do regarding Mr Miano, however, thus far I am not convinced by those who have so much to say against him.

Edited to add:

I found a Facebook page as well where Tony has posted the letters he has received from members of Parliament:


I posted a comment at one of the images of a letter. The letter suggested that in an open air preaching that it would be better to only speak about the love of God and not the facts about sexual immorality. I'll do a post about that later.

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