Saturday, 24 August 2013

Street Preaching 5

So there is a blogger, Lyn, whom I've agreed with on most things she has on her blog, except for her treatment of a brother in Christ. It was so much of an issue for her that she had to remove herself from my "followers" (which I don't need followers anyway, if what I say blesses you all glory to God alone and hopefully the ranks of His followers increases daily). And when  a person shows me their "true colors" a friend once told me a bit of good advice:
"Don't get angry with someone who reveals who they really are to you, thank them because now you know who you are truly dealing with".

 People can make themselves look good on the outside of the cup while inside something isn't right. When that is revealed, I pray and hope better things for them in their future.

I'm looking at this brother in what he himself says (Lyn says you cannot go by what a person himself says, to which I disagree), and he is "by the Book" in everything I've looked at thusfar. Of course he is human and if we are going to examine him with a microscope we will find things that might not line up perfectly, and I doubt any of us would pass such scrutiny. We know we are in need of a savior when we realize how horrible we truly are. Tony is very blunt about the fact, true. I think God can and does use what Tony and any true preacher of the gospel says about our fallen, sinful, hateful to God condition, (liars, cheaters, blasphemers, etc) that we are prior to coming to Jesus, and still are in our flesh, prior to our shedding of this mortal carcass. Might he be "legalistic"?.... Perhaps. And she says he does not represent his work history as accurately as he should ALL THE TIME. Maybe. I don't go into detail about my work history with everyone I meet, and may shorten/abbreviate what it all entails instead of going on and on about myself, what a boring topic anyway, lol.

Here is an excerpt of what he said about his carrying of a cross-sign which had "Are You Ready?" painted on it:

"And then, of course, there are the positive things God has done that I will not come to know until I am with Him in Heaven. I have faith, believing I will enjoy fellowship with people I never met on Earth who were impacted in one way or another, by seeing a man on a street corner holding a cross. Sola Deo Gloria!"

The rest of the blog article about his thoughts and the conversations he has had with people on the streets of the Los Angeles area while carrying this cross:

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  1. Susan, for what it's worth, I am in the process of 'unfollowing' everybody on my blog...why? Because it is Christ and Christ alone I follow. I did not mean to offend you in any way, for that I do seek your forgiveness.


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