Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Escaping the Lake of Fire

In this short audio excerpt from Pastor Arthur W. Pink, he shows the reason for Biblical preaching that doesn't skirt the issue of sin.

(4 minutes of your time)

We today want a soft and easy message, one that only speaks comfort and joy and love...but the love of the Bible preaches the necessity to escape the coming wrath, and that Jesus will say to many who thought they served Him: "I never knew you"

Sanctification is a necessary and mostly overlooked aspect of the true believer's makeup. It is the inward working and power of the Holy Spirit. If there is no sanctifying power going on inside a person who thinks they are saved, they are deceived, in the worst possible way, and are headed on the wide path, the easy road that has many on it, leading them all to their terrible fate.

The narrow way is the one that we need to seek, hope for, and find. That is the one that leads to life, and the indwelling Spirit of one who is truly saved, will desire it above all the riches and delusions of this world, even though it brings us many enemies, and much sorrow in this short mortal existence.

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