Thursday, 14 August 2014

The Cure for the S.I.N. Virus

John MacArthur says most Christians know what salvation means however their understanding does not give them the ability to share this knowledge in a way that helps others to understand it. He addresses this shortcoming in this sermon, and helps us understand how to share the message of reconciliation with others.

What is the Gospel?: The Ministry of Reconciliation

In this message he clears up the problems MANY have in sharing the gospel. He points out that many Christian leaders/pastors are confused about this and disagree on what the gospel is and how it needs to be shared. There is only ONE truth, ONE way, so WHO HAS IT if there are so many who claim to have it and they all disagree?

Good questions, questions that atheists use against us time and again...and in part they are right. They are wrong in where they go with it, but they are right that divisions in the body of Christ are not of Christ. I'm not an ecumenicalist...I don't think the answer is that we all become one in a pseudo-religion that encompasses all beliefs and "loves" everyone (false because these people..many of them...hate people that go to the Bible for all the answers).

I like where John MacArthur takes this problem: to the Bible, and to Jesus and God the Father who reveals to us His will, only one way, through His word.

He sums up the problems of where we go wrong in this way:
man's religions: are sinners devising ways to reconcile themselves to God,
or God's way: God determining His way of reconciling sinners to Himself.
Our way or His way.

Great sermon!

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