Wednesday, 23 July 2014

The Problem of Sin

One thing I have noticed over the past few months : the main problem that atheists have with Christianity (and that all people in general have a problem with, myself included) is the problem of sin, and it stems from the problem of pride, or more specifically: our vanity. We would all rather say that we aren't "that bad" especially if compared to someone like Jeffrey Dahmer or Hitler.

In this sermon Pastor Johnson takes a deeper look into the sin problem and why there had to be a solution which involved a substitutionary payment by Jesus on the cross. Pastor Johnson explains how the "liberal church" is editing Jesus sacrifice for sin out of our salvation equation, making it a "moral gospel", one of works instead of faith:


  1. "We would all rather say that we aren't 'that bad' especially if compared to someone like Jeffrey Dahmer or Hitler."

    Well, yes, of course we would. I think even most atheists acknowledge that people have a desire to think well of themselves (and to be well-thought-of by others), and we are frequently willing to make excuses for our own behavior that we wouldn't dream of accepting from others. However, I don't think that in itself is why most atheists have trouble with the Christian conception of sin.

    I haven't listened to the sermon in the link, so perhaps it tries to address these things, but the main problem I have with the modern Christian conception of sin is that it doesn't seem to be compatible with the idea of justice - even some sort of ineffable, divine justice that we don't completely understand.

    1. I wasn't going to reply to this comment because you didn't even bother with the link above...however, here's another good link you can choose to ignore:


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