Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Phil Johnson Interview

In this radio interview on Pirate Christian Radio, Phil Johnson dissects and explains what is missing in Rick Warren's message in his (Warren's) interview with John Piper. It is pointed out that John Piper often assists Warren with what Warren believes in Piper's attempts to reconcile Rick Warren's message with what the Bible actually teaches. Also understood from this interview critique is Warren's superficial treatment of the Bible compared to Piper's deeper understanding and conviction. It is a matter of quantity vs. quality (as also pointed out by Pastor Johnson). Warren says he wants to reach the many with the gospel, but then when talking with his audiences he neglects to present the gospel and often doesn't ever mention the name of Jesus (especially to his Jewish and Muslim audiences). He (Warren) jokes about his superficial understanding towards the end of this analysis. I personally believe pastors like Warren (and I use the term pastor very loosely in the case of Rick Warren) cause many to think and believe they are saved when actually they are not...some of his listeners might be saved but it isn't because they were convicted of the truth because of what Mr. Warren teaches. God will prick the hearts of His own through the power of His word, not the inconsistent and superficial ramblings of someone like Mr. Warren.

 I listened to this while doing housework, and got a lot done during this time (two and a half hours). It is time well spent.

Let me also say (maybe I should amend my commenting instructions) that if you comment without listening to this presentation I won't answer the comment. If the comment is completely irrelevant to what this post and conversation in the Youtube video is about I may choose to not post your comment. Thank you for your understanding in this matter and I hope and pray that many might be blessed by this interesting critique of how God's word is being presented.

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