Tuesday, 8 April 2014

The Gifts of the Spirit Part 1

Whether you are a Cessationist or a Charismatic, you will (I hope) enjoy this dialogue on the subject. I myself do not go so far as to label myself a Charismatic nor a Cessationist. I agree that the Lord by His Spirit can do all things that are needful to truly and powerfully bring His chosen into the family of God. I find in the gospel of John that it is the Holy Spirit who brings all things Jesus said to our remembrance.

When I think of a scripture that is an answer to something that is arbitrarily believed contrary to what the scriptures actually say, I know it is the Spirit of God teaching me what to answer in due season, and that He gives me the discernment that is needed to know the difference between right and wrong teaching also corroborated with looking to what the Bible says on these things just as the Bereans made sure what was being taught lined up with scripture.

I think both sides of this debate have persons who we can agree tend to "go too far" in either direction of for or against. I think there are indeed charlatans on the side of the charismatic side, but that there are also deceivers on the cessationist side, and stifle the Spirit of God, and therefore to only disagree with a position because you have interacted with some of those deceivers and not because of having a direct and fully formed basis for that position by careful study in the matter is somewhat shortsighted.

Having given as a small introduction a few things as I understand them on this topic, I give you this debate to pray about and may you be blessed by the discussion and may they be for further study and prayer in your life and the Lord's developing His gifts to His current disciples in the faith, as He determined beforehand to do for His people, and for the truth He has revealed in His word to reach all those that are to be found in Him.

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