Thursday, 17 April 2014

Man's Way or God's Way?

This morning I revisited the idea of man's desire for advancing himself by his own means, and lately it is taking the form of what is called "transhumanism". Technology can be our friend, and, as these videos reveal to anyone given God's discernment, man's advancements contain the seeds for our own destruction as well.

This first video talks about the recent discoveries and experiments which the videomakers themselves admit has a similarity to Frankenstein's Monster. They confess that their desire is to remove man's consciousness and implant it into a machine which can go on forever, and admit that they do not know if that will equate to eternal life because they do not know what life consists of, nor do they know what a soul is, and what love is, etc, so in their minds they believe that what we experience now might not be so different from what we can experience through being conscious in a machine...forever.

To me that sounds like hell, trapped in a machine kind of like Dr. Reinhardt in "The Black Hole" wanting to do that to his crew, and himself becoming trapped in his robot "Maximilian" and burning in what looks like a lake of fire.

Anyway, I think it is good to know what these guys are up to, they spin it as a good thing, of course. God tells us that man's ways are not God's ways. These things are man's attempt to circumvent God's plans for us, thinking they can find "a better (or have convinced themselves this is the way God plans to perform His next step for us) way":

Then part 2 uses many of the terms used in the Bible such as redemption, salvation, born again, etc, and interestingly they talk about eternal existence and it's possible (or probable) contrast to eternal life...the contrast of course is man's way vs God's way. 

Frank J. Tipler (professor in New Orleans) in this film uses many of these Biblical terms to represent what will happen through our advances in technology. At 44 min mark Prof. Tipler says that the name God gives as His Name to Moses is "I will be who I will be" and stresses the future tense, however it actually is past present and future, best translated "I am that I am". This video, although rather disturbing, is important (approx 1 hour) to understand where these guys want to take mankind:

We need to be thankful that the Lord is allowing us time to see what is coming, to understand our need of His redemption, not this false means of "eternal existence" which will cause many to be thrown into the lake of fire with the Beast and his false prophet. Pray for strength and wisdom to withstand the evil that is increasing and that which was held back by the restraining power, is soon to be unleashed on the world, however those who are in Christ and sealed with His seal will be able to stand against it, and die a martyr's death if need be, to oppose this false system.

Pray for the perseverance of the saints, and to be found in Him when this beast is unleashed.

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