Wednesday, 16 April 2014

The 10 Kingdoms

Lately I've been revisiting "last days eschatology" because I haven't done so for quite some time...years have passed since I've searched that topic because most of it out there is "pre-trib" and I burned out on it. However lately I've been getting the urging to glean what I can, and granted I do find much that I disagree with, but I search with my heart open to what the Lord wants me to see.

The Rising Beast 2: Regional and Global Government has some information about the 10 regions that are forming, and says the 10 nations in the book of Revelation could be these 10 regions. He gives information about the formation of the EU and the African Union, and the forming (in process) of the North American Union (this sermon was given in 2007, he gives the projected date for the formation of the NAU as 2010, however the Lord is giving us more time...he said the EU took 40 years in it's various stages of formation).

Pastor Fernandes is "pre-trib" and thinks the verichip "is not the MOB"  but some precursor to it because you have to give formal allegiance to "the Beast" and with the verichip there is no such ceremony. I personally see the acceptance of this thing itself as the giving of allegiance to the Beast and see no problem with this being the MOB. Having a "pre-trib" mindset makes one have to make the MOB future when all Christians have been raptured, therefore not a consideration if you are still here, which I see as the main problem of the pre-trib mindset. It's kinda like what a magician does; he's moving his left hand like crazy while you don't see what is happening on the right...THAT is the problem with pre-trib, you are looking at the left hand all-the-while saying no need to look at the right hand because it has nothing to do with us...sigh...

However, I do find what he has to say about these 10 regions to be of value. Also see the image link for a good article that further outlines this global confederacy.

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