Wednesday, 23 April 2014


What is it and why on earth do we have to know about it now? Isn't it some ancient heresy that has been put to rest centuries ago? Well, no. The devil knows what works against the truth of God's word so he tends to use the same deceptions repackaged over and over again.

 In this message Phil Johnson explains what Pelagianism is, why it counters what the Bible says, how it attacks the foundation of our relationship with Christ, and where we see it today. I am amazed by this, truly, and need to listen to this one several times, it is that good. I've heard many of the questions brought up by Pelagian brought up today with the "therefore the Bible is either: A. untrue or B. corrupted, or C. we are misrepresenting what it actually is saying" such as what we hear from agnostics, atheists, and even many who consider themselves Christians and yet say God's word cannot be saying what it is saying because it makes no infinitum ad nauseum.

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