Thursday, 28 November 2013

"God Doesn't Make Junk" Part 2

From Part One:

"In the post to follow I'll explore the contrasts the Bible gives of people that are headed for hell, and those whom the Lord restores by the power of His might, myself being one of the latter. He didn't have to save me, He could have let me continue to follow the piper happily dancing my way to a hell that I fully and truly deserve. However His grace stopped me from continuing on that path, and He provided me with the wisdom that had me put down my fleshy philosophizing, and all my worldly arrogance, and seek Him with my whole heart though at times I thought I would die from the horrid things I had to face about myself as His Spirit revealed what He had to clean up in me...."

Contrasts are quite revealing, and there are many in the Bible. Today I took a page of printer paper, folded it in half, and listed the traits
of the unsaved when compared to the traits of God's elect, with some scriptures to substantiate it. It by no means is exhaustive. I'm sure anyone reading this can come up with many others, and if you'd like, you can add these in the comments section :)

 (click on the image to enlarge it)

There are two sentences that I forgot to give scripture locations for (see if you can locate them). The scriptural references are: 2nd Timothy 3:5 and 2nd Timothy 3:7.

If you find your traits listed on the wrong side of the page, please know that there is still time to repent and humble yourself before a loving God. He is able to save to the uttermost making even the worst junk into "gold, silver, and precious stones" and He has the power to do so, do not deny it. He also gives the faith that we all were lacking prior to becoming saved.  It is He that saves us and not we ourselves.

Something that I was reminded of today, an area that is extremely problematic for me: patience. We have to wait upon the Lord. Many give up on Him before He is ready to give those best gifts. That faith to wait for Him and to trust Him through thick and thin does not come from ourselves. It comes from Him when we wait for Him and learn to trust Him, learning from our Teacher the Holy Spirit John 14:26

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