Wednesday, 27 November 2013

On Being Thankful

When I think of being thankful I honestly know that I am never, NEVER, thankful enough. I've seen bloggers have "thankful Thursdays", and there is nothing wrong with that, however it just serves to remind me how meager the thanks offerings we offer up are, and rarely do I see people talk about how thankful they are for being made new in Christ having the awful deep gross stain of sin removed. People often talk about
grace and sin and I honestly don't think they really realize how tremendous that is! Like Paul Washer has said (and I wholeheartedly agree with) if a person has been saved it shows...and he gives the analogy of the man who says he's late to work because he had a flat tire on the freeway, and as he was changing his tire he got hit by a huge 18 wheeler, and comes in a few hours late, but his clothes are clean, and he doesn't have a scratch on him....would you believe him??? Could that have really happened to him??? and yet people say they are saved....and then later on they say they became unsaved???or don't believe the Bible anymore??? If you were saved, it is a more powerful experience than being hit by a semi-trailer truck, so how do you think you can just "wander in and out of being saved" and be so casual about salvation and grace that you can doubt it tomorrow??? I simply do not understand that, truly. Just like Paul Washer says, if you got saved you had a run in with the Almighty God of the UNIVERSE which is much more powerful than any truck on the planet, it fully knocks you off your "high horse" let me tell you and humbles you to the dirt that we come from... so how can people casually say "yeah, I got saved"....??? Just one of those things that makes me go "hmmmmm". Yes, God only knows, that is true, but He also said we would be able to see the difference.

The foundation of true and humbling and profound thankfulness is when we truly are thankful to God for life and for saving us from where we truly deserve to go, hell. All the other lists of things we are thankful for pale by comparison.

Happy THANKSgiving! Truly if we are in Christ our lives radiate thankfulness to God! And...Romans 8:28 ALWAYS :) Thanks so much Jesus for gifts we could NEVER repay You!

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