Thursday, 5 December 2013

The Message that We Preach

Each of us that has a blog is preaching a message whether we realize it or not. Is the message that we send out glorifying God and bringing honor to His name, or is it defiling it and casting doubt on His word and His goodness?

Unintentionally we all from time to time send out an errant message that detracts from what God says, I am just as guilty as anyone because none of us are perfect after all. The Bible does make clear, however, that there will be deceivers among us,

 people who will intentionally deceive and try to derail others from the truth. The Bible also makes clear that we are to remove ourselves from these deceivers. Anyone who promotes themselves and their own wisdom over and above the wisdom of God and preaches and teaches others on a public format to "raise others awareness" about the truth they have received, we are supposed to remove ourselves from. That is a very tough one for me, and to be sure one of the more difficult tests I have yet encountered. To say one "was a Christian" and then that the Lord somehow is responsible for letting them fall, is a message that is false and straight from the pit of hell. Yes, I said it. It is to discourage others to believe God can let them down too. It says God is not able to save to the uttermost, but can and will let many slip through His clumsy fingers. How dare anyone make such a claim about the true God of the Bible, the God of Abraham, and Isaac and Jacob, the God who creates all and saves His elect through His power and grace.

The ones He saves are the ones who know and openly admit they do not deserve it. The ones who say they fell away claim that they did everything that should cause them to deserve it. Notice the difference. None deserve it, no not one. And yet you will have these say that they truly prayed and truly sought and God let them down when they deserved better and got left out in the cold. Their pride in their "faith" and their power of prayer, and their own goodness, is keeping them from truly receiving because their pride is lying to them and hindering them from seeing the ugly truth about what our flesh truly is and why it needs to die so that God's Spirit and His power can transform through His power and grace.

So which is it? Can a truly saved person fall away and then call God a liar after having been born of the Spirit? Does the Spirit lie about Himself? Would He? No. Such a one was never saved to begin with, but was following people, being indoctrinated is not the same as being changed by the Spirit of God.

I often feel like I abandoned such people, and my heart truly cries out for them, and yet I find it intolerable to listen to their blasphemous words against the Holy God of Israel. I cannot partake of their message. They speak the words of death and hell, and the Bible says to not even say "God speed" to them to have them think that they are doing the work of God. The "god of this world" is their god, and the Bible tells us in no uncertain terms that the god of this world is satan. I hope that these false teachers eventually see the error of their ways and repent with great sorrow and humility for their terrible arrogance in saying what they do against God. While there is time, I hope truly, that they submit to the real truth, and reject the lies they currently spout from their fleshy, fallen, seduced and misdirected understanding which is not understanding at all. I hope it with all my heart.


  1. This was good. No! God does not lie about himself. I think Matt 7 shows that people will sincerely believe that they know God...prophesying and doing mighty works in his name, but will not know God personally. It is knowing Him personally that makes all the difference...being born again. If you are born again, you are a son/daughter. A son/daughter will know his father, his voice, his ways...and grow to be more like him.

    1. Hi Mrs Santos, I agree, there are so many who will insist they did good things and blame Jesus for rejecting them saying: "didn't I do ________ in your name?" but the truth is they were doing it in their own name, drawing attention to themselves, and that attention that they got was their reward. Sad. Thank you for commenting.


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