Monday, 25 November 2013

"God Doesn't Make Junk" Part One

This is a quote I've heard often...and it is true, yet and however, the Bible does tell us that the good that God created had a potential for becoming bad, and as we can see, it did.

The things of this world, including you and I, are decaying and dying. Yet God made a way to infuse us with His Spirit, but it is done under His conditions, and He causes the healthy changes, not our will...not our religion, not our goodness...His power, His will and done His way.

I've done quite a few posts on the topic of falling away on my other blog I wanted to have this blog to focus more on the Bible, mostly on refreshing and uplifting topics...
 and Flutterbys for my musings on what is happening in this world during what I believe to be the final years before the Lord's returning. This topic could fit in either blog, but it follows somewhat on the heels of the falling away series.

The Bible tells us that God formed man out of dirt, or clay, and that when we die we will return to the ground, literally (I know many want to overspiritualize what the Bible says, or go the opposite extreme by denying any spiritual context having any relevance, however facts are facts). What we, any of us, want to believe matters little to what is actually true, it won't change the truth one bit.
We can impress everyone with our philosophizing and erudition, and it still won't change a thing. It's kinda comical to I see a man or woman acting like they know so much more than those stupid Christians who take the Bible so literally, and see how they torture the text to their own destruction. It's sad actually, not funny.

The Apostle Paul had some things to say about the clay that is formed shouting hatefully to God: "It's all Your fault because you made me this way!" and how ridiculous that is in Romans chapter 9.

In the post to follow I'll explore the contrasts the Bible gives of people that are headed for hell, and those whom the Lord restores by the power of His might, myself being one of the latter. He didn't have to save me, He could have let me continue to follow the piper happily dancing my way to a hell that I fully and truly deserve. However His grace stopped me from continuing on that path, and He provided me with the wisdom that had me put down my fleshy philosophizing, and all my worldly arrogance, and seek Him with my whole heart though at times I thought I would die from the horrid things I had to face about myself as His Spirit revealed what He had to clean up in me.

If these series of posts the Lord has caused to be placed on my heart helps even one person turn completely and sincerely to receiving the grace of God, it will be more than worth all the pain I've gone through to get to this point in time...and that only will be so if it is the Lord's will for it to be so, in all things He gets all the glory.

God's will be done and not my will...I continually fall short and am continually reminded that I need God's grace.

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