Friday, 7 June 2013

The True Jesus, or a Plastic Jesus?

Art Katz. Art Katz is an example to me why a "completed Jew" is someone that the devil would shudder at. Brother Katz' understanding and perception of what is going on in this world, his complete candor, and his horror of the truth of the cross, and the horror of what it represents, the horror of sin, the hideousness of why many Jews want to avoid it (because it is excruciatingly humbling to understand that they messed up regarding the Messiah, and know the truth of it), and why they (and we in our flesh) want to avoid this kind of understanding. It is understanding that strips us of ourselves, of our vanity, our foolishness. It makes us completely bare before God, humbled, stripped of our vanity about the things that should have us so embarrassed before Him.

I found a link to Brother Katz in a comment from someone, and what a BLESSING! Dear Brother Katz went home to be with Jesus in 2007. His words cut through all the artificial talk that really says a whole bunch of nothing these days. They (we) talk about Jesus (and I know I've been guilty of being not this basic and blunt as Brother Katz) but there is so much talk about Jesus these days, but the cross they speak of is a plastic cross, or a cross on a woman's breast, something sensual, but not the real, the grotesque, depiction of what He had to go through for the hideousness of our sin. He speaks clearly and penetratingly about our sins, secret sins, and also our bold and brazen "in your face" sins, our current sins that we wink at, all which added to Jesus' excruciating suffering. But today, the "church" brushes it all under the rug, and gives us a sensual Jesus, a handsome guy that everyone can accept, rippling with muscles and beautifully coiffed hair, made in Hollywood. That is the spirit of the world, of the flesh, of the cup of fornication, artificial, and not the spirit of God's suffering for our sins. The Spirit of light and the spirit of darkness are separate and distinct. They are separating, and revealing who are with Him, and who love the darkness more than the light.

The above link is in written form, and the audio link for this sermon is translated side by side, phrase by phrase, into Dutch (great for me to practice my Dutch!)

Audio link

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