Sunday, 2 June 2013

God Feeds the Ravens...

I love the way Pastor Dykstra preaches. He speaks honestly, and exposes that what God does is so different from how we would do it. He points out that the Bible says that God feeds the ravens, but doesn't do it in a way that we feed our pets. He makes the food available, and the ravens have to expend some energy to get it. God's love also requires something from each of us.

Listen to the whole sermon here:

Yes He is merciful and kind, and yes He is HOLY (a very important part of God that many would rather forget about).

This sermon talks about worrying, the sin of worrying. We all do it, so don't flatter yourself thinking that you don't, lol. We all do it, me too, guilty. Thank the Lord, He provides these councils to help us not to hurt us. When we worry, we hurt ourselves. Everything He tells us about sin reveals that we abuse ourselves with our sin in one way or another. He shows us our sins not to be angry at us or because He hates us. He hates sin. He hates sin because sin destroys us. When He spanks us, it isn't because He is a hateful and angry God. Why is that our first reaction? Because we have a convoluted perception of who God is, and that He does what He does not because He loves punishing us, but because He loves us and wants to prevent us from heading for even greater harm.

 He requires something from us. Perfection? No.


 Trust gets rid of worry. Trust even in the most difficult of times. Trust even when everyone hates us or want to kill us. God still provides us through anything we will go through in this life, and in ways that we often don't give Him credit for because He provides for us indirectly. Trust that even though standing for what is right will get us hated, even by the most "loving" people....and God will see us through.


  1. This is another excellent message from this preacher, thank you for sharing. Worry is indeed a sad part of our lives, it stems from a type of faith that is weak. It stems from not trusting in God's word, and not believing He will do as He says. I too am guilty of worry, and ask for mercy and forgiveness. As the Apostles cried out, 'increase our faith!'

    Blessings to you dear sister

    1. Hi Lyn, I fail every day at all sorts of things, which only proves that God alone is true and every one of us is a liar just as He said, and the only thing of value in me is what He is creating anew.

      We are dependent on Him for everything every day. All the things He provides us we think we provide for ourselves, but like Pastor Dykstra points out, He provides these indirectly and makes us have to work for it to earn our daily bread...yet if He didn't allow the wheat to grow there would be no bread. :)


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