Friday, 19 October 2012

How Deep Does God's Grace Reach?

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Quit Trying and Trust

How deep is my sin? How deep is your sin? God's love and grace and forgiveness reaches as deep, and deeper than that!

Kent Clark is my pastor. My dear hubby and I found him through Sermon Audio, and have had the fortune of being able to visit his congregation a couple of times to hear him in person. He teaches about God's grace...and only that...Grace, Grace, Grace... and you'd think that would get tiresome and repetitive, but it isn't. God's grace is glorious, amazing, and so much greater than your sin or mine. It IS all about God's grace.

In the following Sermon Audio selection, Kent preaches on an introduction into the 5 points of Calvinism, about our sin, the complete horror of how deep and terrible and disgusting to God our sin is, how it reaches even into and beyond our genetics, and therefore SALVATION is ALL ABOUT HIS GRACE, and has nothing to do with any of our ability to do anything. We cannot even look up without HIS GRACE. His strength is what strengthens us. His glory empowers us. His mercy forgives and reaches out to us.

Check my pastor out here:

Isn't God's grace AMAZING?


  1. Grace never gets old!

    I'm glad you have been blessed at this church. As much as I don't think "going to church" is required, it can be quite a good thing.

    1. So TRUE Ma! Sometime next year I'll be moving east, so I won't get to visit there again after that, but thankfully Sermon Audio has lots of sermons given by him, and lots of other gifted servants that are cataloged there. What a blessing!

  2. It is so refreshing to hear men preach the biblical doctrines of grace; calvinism is seen as a bad thing in some circles of Christianity. Those who hold to the free will theology reject what Calvin taught, even though what he taught did not originate with him. The apostle Paul taught it long before Calvin did, Ephesians 2:8-9 is the key verse to understanding salvation and how it comes about...grace, grace, grace. You may be interested in reading a book written by Dr. James Boice entitled 'whatever happened to the gospel of grace?', it is a wonderful read.

    I look forward to listening to this sermon!

    1. Hi Lyn,

      Ken and I love Pastor Clark's sermons... thus far, anyway... at this point I've heard 5 sermons (two in person at the church, 3 online), and am convicted yet encouraged and fed wholesome grace-filled teaching. The Lord in His mercy led us to him, and he reaches out to the down and outs here in Michigan. His heart is truly in trying to reach the lost and dying.

      I'll look for that book, Lyn, thanks for that. I'm always on the lookout for good reading. :)

  3. Dear Susan, I am all about grace. I thank God for it, especially in our situation.

    God's grace and His ability to redeem our ashes and turn them into a beautiful garden sustains me every day.

    It is lovely to meet you. Thank you for taking the time to encourage me the other day :)

    1. Hi Stacie, it's wonderful to meet you too! We are so blessed to have God's promises to cling to! And He promised that our suffering will only be for a little while! Compared to eternity, the years we spend here are just like a blink of an eye :) God's grace is so immense and forever enduring! He is greater than all of our suffering :D

  4. Susan, when did you find the new church? Was it recently? Anyway, I'm glad that you have found a church that you like, and that you are getting a lot out of it. I will check out a sermon by your new pastor - I could definitely use a sermon about grace right now! The more I progress in my Christian walk, the more I realize how much resistance there is in my heart both to admitting the extent of my sin and accepting God's forgiveness for it. I don't think that any of us truly repents as we should this side of eternity, or that any of us really understands the magnitude of Christ's sacrifice for us. And those are just a few reasons why we need to hear about grace over and over again. Hope all is well with you!!

    1. Hi Leslie,

      Recently my DH wanted to find a church here in my area for when he comes to the states. He listened to a couple on Sermon Audio, and the choice was between 3 in the area...he was trying to decide between the other two, and on a sudden whim said let's go to this one, and decided on the third choice, Pastor Clark's gathering. The Lord blessed my socks off there, I truly was nourished, convicted, and blessed with the joy of my salvation. Good seeing you again, Leslie. :)


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