Monday, 31 March 2014

The Gospel: Why is it Good News?

Voddie explains the difficult concept of total depravity, and why it is vital to understand this in order to know fully well why it was necessary for Jesus to have to go through what He did for us. When we soft-pedal this we do not fully realize the awesomeness and the miraculousness of what Jesus did on our behalf. It is a difficult concept because we do not want to believe we are "that bad". Voddie goes into ways we try to wiggle out of the truth of the fact that we were totally depraved prior to Jesus redeeming us. He explains the difference between being restrained from completely falling into our totally depraved ways by the restraining power of God, but that this is not the same as being saved and released from the power of sin. He explains the difference. Very powerful and thought provoking and prayer provoking sermon. He also explains why it is vital that we tell the truth to others who are lost in false doctrines and sin, and why it is vital to pray for the the truth to be preached and the lost to be reached. Hope you  enjoy this message as much as I did.

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