Monday, 17 February 2014

But I'm a Good Person

"The depravity of man at once the most empirically verifiable reality but the most intellectually resisted fact."  --Malcom Muggeridge (and retweeted by DebbieLynne)

I saw this retweeted by DebbieLynne this morning and it reminded me of the book by Mr Muggeridge. I write about that aspect on my other blog. 

Yesterday my husband and I got to visit with Kent Clark in Pontiac, Michigan. We were hesitant to go because the snow was coming down pretty thick and it was foggy to boot. I'm glad we decided it was worth the effort, because it truly was worth that. The topic of man's depravity is Pastor Clark's favorite and most oft revisited, or so it seems. Yesterday was no different in that respect. He again talked about exactly what that means, and how that fact showcases God's grace towards us. He said that the ones least likely to truly understand this fact are the most religious amongst us. They still think that they aren't as bad as so and so, but the fact is they are JUST AS BAD. He reminded us that God can see everything we think we keep hidden from prying eyes, all the dirty thoughts, the pridefulness, the arrogance, the "little white lies", the anger and hatred which are equal to murder (Jesus said that in Matthew ch 5), the ways we fool ourselves into thinking we are better than others (see Luke ch 18) when truly we are even worse than others if we view ourselves like that.

This is Pastor Kent about what is happening in Pontiac, Michigan:

And this is from CH Spurgeon about man's depravity and our inability to come to Him without His drawing us to Himself:


  1. I hope you got my reply to your wonderful comment on The Nineteenth Crumb of The Crackerhead Chronicles. Be assured that you are being a great blessing to me at this time, and you had better keep it up! (LOL?)

    I looked to see if I could find you email address somewhere, but I failed to find it. So, please forgive me for looking like I am trying to use you to promote my "stuff." Be assured that I would rather send the following via emails, and if you will email me at so that I can get your email address, I will do so in the future.

    I just published another book on The Trib yesterday, and I will be also publishing it on the Amazon Kindle platfrom for $1.00 when I am allowed and enabled to. I would love hearing what you think about the very short "The God Box" when you can.

    1. Hi Jerry, after I commented and said "finished" I realized there was still one more crumb to go! I hope to get to it soon, cannot say when, though, I have much to get done, and...(I shouldn't even be on here right now....)

  2. Susan, a while back you asked me to name my fave 11 blogs and see the post you had written, but I couldn't find the post on your blog. I'd like to have a look anyway.

    1. Hi Tim,

      I have two blogs, sorry for the confusion. I posted about the Liebster here:

      It was a bit of tongue in cheek fun that DebbieLynne shared with me. :)

  3. It is critical for us to humbly accept that there is nothing good about anyone apart from our Heavenly Father, which applies to even those who do not want to believe in His existence--let alone accept that He is actively involved in even their daily lives in this world. Tragically, far too many Christians completely ignore His presence shining through some while far too many others want to take credit for what He is doing in and through them.

    1. Hi Jerry,

      That is the crux of the matter, isn't it? Humility, I mean. We can "fake" humility. We can put on the humble act, and yet think we are superior to others. That is the problem. That is the sin that got satan kicked out of God's presence. That is the sin that God hates most. That is the sin that prevented the Pharisee from receiving justification (in the parable of the Pharisee and the publican). When I am the center of my world, I am going in the wrong direction. When Jesus truly is my everything, He makes sure I am straight on the path that leads to all He has prepared. We cannot achieve that. It is a miracle, because the harder I try to be good the badder I get (just like the Apostle Paul said), but if I'm truly surrendered to His goodness, it is His power that saves. Amazing grace!


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