Monday, 11 March 2013

Does Correct Doctrine About the Rapture Matter?

I think it does. 2 hour video explains with the Bible why the pre-trib doctrine is not Biblical, and why it is a tool of the devil to blind the sheep:


  1. Yes and No:)

    I am of the belief that He will protect His own, no matter where they currently are theologically speaking. I will agree that pretrib doctrine can be quite hard to prove.

    1. Hi Ma,

      I agree that the Lord's own are protected...I also think that we can make things alot harder on ourselves unnecessarily...but as always Romans 8:28, it all works out for good in God's system of bookkeeping :)

    2. Oh, and I agree that you really have to read into, twist, and strain to make a case for a pre-trib rapture.

      The Bible warns us plenty to make sure what is being preached is correct, and I believe we are supposed to do so, and there are consequences for not doing so. <3


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