Sunday, 15 April 2012


There are many that believe Babylon refers to Rome and that the Whore spoken of in the book of Revelation is speaking of the Roman Catholic religion. I used to think this was so when I was associated with the SDA religion. They teach this dogmatically as true. Now I see that Babylon refers to a much broader satanic system that stands against everything that is of God, and that the whore which rides the beast is any religious system that takes away from the worship of the true Lord and Savior of our souls, subtly deflecting it in ways that turn it into a religion of myths and legends, and ways to make oneself holy through self efforts, and that it permeates the spiritual arena of this world, and that the only escape is through Jesus Himself; the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

I really enjoy the series "Know Your Enemy". This one is about Babylon:

Also see related info from "Know Your Enemy" series about Semiramis/Jezebel on Flutterby's


  1. I tend to agree that Babylon was an actual kingdom, but now is a spiritual system. God often uses the natural first, and then the spiritual to teach us.

    I love the narrator's accent:)

    1. Hi Ma,

      I agree. It's interesting to me that some Christians believe the actual Babylon is going to be rebuilt in the ME, and that many Islamic people in the ME think that "the Great Satan" is the U.S. As long as the devil can get us to finger point at each other, he will succeed deflecting negative attention away from the real culprit, himself. We are all tainted, and we all need forgiveness. It is so much easier to see the sins of others, and seem so much more terrible than our own. I know I try to justify my own shortcomings, and see others do the same. Jesus said to confess our sins and He is faithful to forgive us our sins. If we don't confess, there's nothing to forgive. Babylon's beauty is gorgeous, but shallow. Jerusalem's beauty was not as dazzling as the ancient city of hanging lush gardens. It's beauty was that the temple was in her midst, and the glory of the Lord was that deep and lasting beauty, true and glorious, not cheap and superficial.

      God often uses the natural first, and then the spiritual to teach us.

      So true! Jesus also used the natural in parable form to tell of deeper spiritual things. :)

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