Monday, 19 December 2011

I love this song!

This was the one I meant to post:

This next one is sung by Peter Auty (to compare), also nice but I like Declan's much better, too much rolling of the "r" in Peter's version


  1. This is a very pretty song.

  2. I first heard it when Chloe sang it with Celtic Woman. She also does an awesome job with this song. It is so soothing and sweet, I love the melody, I play it over and over :D

  3. I just listened to it again and thought "WHAT HAPPENED?????" I had the wrong one put up here... I thought it was the one done by Declan when he was young but had picked the wrong video (slaps forehead)...I just edited it ... put the correct one in now, he sings it better imo :)

    The one I had was sung by Peter Auty

  4. I do like Delcan's version better.

    Very nice!


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