Saturday, 17 September 2011

Saul and David

A situation at work has been giving me grief. It has been going on for a long time between a certain coworker and I. Recent events put her into a position of authority over me. I cannot even begin to tell you, there are so many things that are so wrong about this situation that I don't even know where to begin, except to say that I have been in misery. I've been in constant prayer about this and some other things, this being THE THING that most confronts me directly so it being uppermost in my thought and prayer life. Then, a couple of weeks ago the thought "which would you choose?" came to me. If there were two seats open and available, and God offered me a choice between:

A. The highest and most important position
                                 IN HELL

B. The lowest and most humbling position
                                 IN HEAVEN

which would I choose?
Well, that made me feel a bit better. :) Of course I would choose B, but it still seemed like my attitude and actions were still saying I wanted A.....sigh.

Yesterday morning, before work, the relationship between King Saul and the future King David came to mind. What was that relationship like? Was Saul a good king? Did Saul have alot of issues? Sure he did. What did David do? How did David handle the Saul situation? I saw alot of parallels to my own situation. I know Jesus brought that relationship to my mind to mull over. David knew that Saul had problems and was trying his best to discredit and kill David (might have even been worse for David than my situation because I don't believe the girl is trying to have me killed.....but then again...??? I may have been watching too many 48 Hours shows, lol)

One day Jesus will return, and all of this nonsense will indeed cease to be. BUT, what did we as His stewards do with the time? Were we ourselves wise or wicked stewards? I'm so grateful that I have a gentle Savior who keeps reminding me of what is truly important and what is truly "Dust in the Wind".

Seeking a photo to add to these thoughts, the Lord shared this (which dovetails with this situation perfectly! imagine that!)

Love that blog entry!...I'm going to have to look around that blog site some more! 


  1. This is a great story to bring to mind about your situation:)

    David never once bad-mouthed or tried to get revenge on Saul, even though Saul was constantly trying to get him.

    What a concept! This would certainly spill into all other avenues of life, too, esp. our attitude toward the current regime...hmmmm.

  2. Indeed! We do not have to agree with "the bad guys", but we have to still remember that Jesus is Lord above all, and that He has arranged things to be the way they are, and that He still is in control and has it be so for His reasons.

    God had the Israelites under Pharaoh for many years suffering persecution as slaves. He didn't instantaneously make Pharaoh and all their persecution disappear because it was wrong, even though it was wrong. They had to endure it and continue to work through it, until their day of liberation came, and even then, it wasn't easy...and still I wonder: WHY WASN'T IT EASY???...but that of course is my flesh talking, sigh...

    The thought of David and Saul came in a light whisper of a thought, not a bludgeoning over my head of: "WHY AREN'T YOU BEING LIKE DAVID!!!!????" (like I tend to handle situations that give me grief, yikes!!!) It was a quick thought that left as quick as it came, a snapshot of a situation that I was shown for an instant...and that my mind captured and held onto, and realized that it was a perfect example shedding a glimmer of light onto my current circumstances, and I see that it was the Holy Spirit bringing to my remembrance, just as Jesus promised He would :D

    What a blessing!


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