Friday, 26 August 2011

The Acid Test

Wonderful article about the difference of being a Christian compared with being a church attender:

Have I lost my sense of wonder at the grace that saved me? Do I see every misfortune in my life as not nearly as bad as I truly deserve? Or do I think I deserve better? I confess to my shame that most often I tend to think it's the latter. I'm not saying that someone who does not fully appreciate the awesomeness of salvation isn't saved. I think the evil of this world can cause true Christians to lose their first love, that sense of wonder that asks "why would God stoop to save someone like me?" That is why His grace is so amazing!


  1. I read one of Tim Keller's books that a friend lent me: The Reason for God

    I really enjoyed it.

  2. Hi Ma,

    It's a truly well-written article. I like how he explains about the idiom "how great"...and I think about how I have heard others and also myself say "how great"... and it's pitiful compared to what John actually said.

    Thanks for stopping by :)

  3. Hi Susan, Loved the article, I always know me, little dirty me, how much I need the blood of Jesus covering me, what a relief, what great joy to have been lead to the greatest pearl of all, it is nothing to give up my pitiful ragged self for exchange, WHAT A BARGAIN! WHAT A WONDER! HE LOVES EVEN me!!!!!WHEEEEEE!


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