Friday, 14 June 2013


Yep another new (yet not new) false religion. It is the belief that our God is ALL loving and ALL forgiving. He is not or Jesus died for nothing. What He died for, our sins, and the price, the ransom He paid, was very excruciatingly costly and precious. But the way to receive His forgiveness has to be on His terms, not ours. He will forgive any sinner who comes to Him of their sins. How does one come to Him? How does one enter into His holy presence?

I've heard it said that the OT high priest had a rope around his ankle and if the awesome presence of the Shikinah glory caused him to pass out, the other priests could pull him back out. The NT says we must boldly enter into His presence (Hebrews ch 4), that means cowards need not apply. We enter with boldness, the boldness that He supplies us to enter in, to receive His mercy and forgiveness.If we aren't even bold enough to talk about Jesus and His forgiveness for sin, are we truly thankful for His gift? What do we do with that gift?

Some say I will "just love" people, I don't need to share the gospel, the people who are His will get it from Him that what the Bible says? Let's sing it with the Beatles: "All you need is love...." (I don't think the Beatles knew anything about the true Gospel)

Tony Miano has some interesting words on this topic of pasphilanthropianism:

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